Providing sweetness for nearly 800 years

Monk Fruit takes its name from the Buddhist monks of Southeast Asia who have harvested it for centuries, using it to make sweet, cooling drinks and traditional remedies to fight fever and aid longevity. Officially known as Luo Han Guo in some circles, the fruit is also referred to as the ‘Buddha Fruit’ though at Whole Earth we simply call it ‘delicious’.

Sweeter than sugar with zero calories

Our Monk Fruit extract is around 150–200 times sweeter than sugar, though amazingly, with almost zero calories.

We keep it simple

There are three steps to making our delicious Monk Fruit extract.

Step 1 :

We start by harvesting the Monk Fruits from the vines.

Step 2 : Squeezing

To extract the juice we simply squeeze the Monk Fruits and then filter the juice to remove any impurities. It allows us to extract out a high concentration of the main sweetening component of the fruit.

Step 3 : Crystalizing

To turn the Monk Fruit into powder, the juice is dried and we then combine this powder with Stevia extracts and other ingredients sourced from nature to create a delicious sweet powder you can sprinkle just like sugar (but with little or no calories).