A spiky and sweet plant

Agave are large, spiky plants that share many properties with the cactus, both in shape and habitat. There are different varieties of agave but at Whole Earth we use ‘blue’ agave.

Mexico’s famous export

Our Blue Agave is grown in the rich, sandy soils and high altitudes of Mexico. You may have already sampled its charms in Mexico’s most famous export – Tequila. Agave is actually the key ingredient of this iconic Mexican spirit but we use it to make sweet treats without alcohol, so you’ll definitely remember it the next day!

We keep it simple

Here’s how we bring the taste of this amazing desert plant to you:

Step 1 :

The Blue Agave plants are cut from the ground and then have their outer leaves pruned away by machete leaving only the heart of the plants.

Step 2 : Roasting

The Agave hearts are then placed in large roasting ovens to cook them and convert the inulin (a fiber) into sweetness.

Step 3 : Mashing

The roasted Agave hearts are mashed and pulped to separate the remaining plant matter from the sweet syrup that the roasting created. This syrup is then filtered for purity until all that’s left is a sweet syrup that is perfect for cooking, adding in beverages or as a delicious topping!